Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Start Saving!

(Click image to enlarge)


Just found my Boba Fett card listed for $600 on ebay.

Aren't we amidst an economic crisis?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan! I'm so glad I found who was hidding under "NEH" nickname! We have been wondering on the Scoundrel Publishing forum who that was.

I invite you to come visit us and post your cards pictures over there like a lot of the official Topps Cards artists do.


Rachel Noy said...

Wow! That is some serious money!

It sounds crass to say it when everyone is a bit strapped for cash like you said, but congratulations!

Hope to see you on many more sets.

Nathan Hamill said...

Well, Rachel, that price was only up for a bit. The seller later re listed it for the more reasonable price of $99.99.

ulzanka said...

during economic crisis people act in a crazy way.:p

k1darkknight said...

Hi Nathan. only saw your cards on, just now...If ya think that's something, check out this ebay search result (if that worked)

and ulzanka...only during an economic crisis? ;)